Help the Deaf Community!

Sign this petition if you support ASL (American Sign Language)!! This petition wants to promote American Sign Language to be recognized as a language and able to provide ASL classes in schools. :)

Officially recognize American Sign Language as a community language and a language of instruction in schools.

For more than a hundred years, American Sign Language (ASL) has been persecuted as a “lesser” language. It is a homegrown and complete language that has survived efforts to wipe it out.

Yet today, ASL is still considered “foreign” and not given the respect and protection it needs. Many states have passed laws allowing credit for ASL classes as a foreign language but they have stopped short of recognizing its benefits as a language of instruction in schools, despite studies proving its benefits for students.

Official federal recognition will finally give ASL the “welcome home” it needs.”

THANK YOU! It would be great if you can spread the words or re-blog this post!

25 notes   -  13 November 2012
25 notes
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